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Posted by Haley Nichols on

i want to become one of the people who help and talk to others about their problems. i know i am only 15, but i well experienced and can do an astonishing job. please think about it. thanks God bless (:

marriage on the rocks
Posted by renee vaughn on

Hello MY name is Renee. Im am looking for help with my marriage. My husband and I have been married for 7 years. We have gone through rough 2 1/2 years we both been trying to make it work. I guess we both feel burnt out from trying. MY worst fear is divorce and I believe that is the last option, but he keeps insisting that is the only way he will be happy. I cant imagine living day to day without him he is my best friend. He tells me he isn't happy.disappearing, he just says he is depressed and not happy. It is so sad i wish I could help him and make him happy again. I am under the realization that this is out of my hands and I pray every day that God will make this work. The devil is so real though and pops his evil head when things seem to be going the best. I don't think he will be able to take much more an d I believe he thinks the only answer is to run and hide but i don't think that will solve his problems it will just make them much worse. I dont know how anyone but god can help, but I feel i need to get it out somehow maybe god can use somebody to help us. I listen to way fm all the time, but I cant just sit back and do nothing anymore we need help. If you know of any way you could help us I would greatly appreciate it.

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