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WE know there are tons of ministries, non-profit organizations, and other service providers who help those in need all over the Gulf Coast every day! But YOU might not know about them! That's why we present the 88.3 WAY-FM Service Spotlight! Each month we will highlight an organization in the Gulf Coast who are changing lives in our very community. You can learn more about each organization and how you can get involved! 

If you are part of or know an organization who would like to be a part of the Service Spotlight - let us know!

Click HERE to nominate your group!

April's Service spotlight is on

One Blood

The mission of One Blood is to empower and educate each individual in our community to help save lives and give hope to patients by ensuring that a safe and affordable blood supply is always available to their hospital partners.

Blood Donations:

Whole Blood Donation is what most people are familiar with. This is the traditional way of donating and allows us to draw all three components of red blood cells, platelets and plasma at one time. After donation, the blood is separated into the three components and has the ability to save three different lives.

Automated Donation is the newer way of donating blood. This technology allows us to draw only specific components of your blood at a larger volume. For example, one automated platelet donation produces one or more complete platelet doses for a patient. It would take six to eight whole blood donors pooled together to produce one complete platelet dose. We make the decision on what components to draw based on your blood type.

Rare Donor Program:

Everyone’s blood type falls into the four basic blood groups: A, B, O and AB. However, there are more than 400 other groups or variable factors that further determine your exact blood type by identifying very specific characteristics of your blood. You inherit a combination of blood factors from your parents and these can be influenced by life events, such as receiving a bone marrow transplant. Rare donors may lack a particular blood factor that most everyone else has, have a particular blood factor that most people do not have, or have a unique or unusual combination of blood factors.

You may not know that your blood has a factor that makes you a rare donor. When you give blood, we’ll test your blood to determine this. If you are identified as a rare donor, we’ll enter you into a database that helps match rare donors with recipients in need of blood. Your blood donation may help a patient in the local area or even a patient outside the country. If you are a rare donor you may be inspired to donate regularly knowing your blood is uniquely powerful.

For more information about this month's Service Spotlight or to find out about ways you can get involved, please contact them at 850-877-7181 or click HERE.

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